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{Recipe} Vanilla Bourbon Cherry Ice Cream

So this is a modification of my Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream in which I added Burbon to give it a wonderful woody flavor. For my use, I prefer to use Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Wiskey. Its one of my favorite bourbons, … Continue reading

{Recipe} Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream

This will be my first ever recipe posted here but figured besides tech things it might be fun to post some of my food creations. So this 1st will be an Ice Cream recipe that went over real well for … Continue reading

Using Flume with Hive and Lzo (Part 1)

With one of my projects at Lijit I got the pleasure of learning and getting to contribute back to the Flume Project. If your not familiar with Flume its basically a distributed, reliable, and highly available service for efficiently collecting, … Continue reading

PySQLPool moving to GitHub

So as many followers of PySQLPool may know I’ve already moved PySQLPool over to Github in terms of Source Control. I will also be working on migrating blueprints and issue tracking away from Launchpad sometime in the future. This all … Continue reading

SSH Autocomplete

So many of a time you see an article about ssh autocomplete that reads your known_hosts file. Well that great and all but what about just reading your ssh config file for all your pre-configured hosts. Continue reading
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